A day in the life
Kaja, 19, Slovenia
All of the photos posted on this blog were taken by me.
Anonymous asked:

Well it seems like a beautiful country, I must go there sometime

it is and i think you should! :) i love nature here

Anonymous asked:

Are all of these taken in Slovenia? They are awesome :)

not all, but the majority of it :) thank you!

imadmaarouf asked:

hi really nice pics...you're in Slovenia?

thank you very much! yes indeed :)

Anonymous asked:

Hi I don't know if I already told you this but I really enjoy your blog and I thank you for following me. Have a good day!

Can’t really know if you did because you’re writing as anonymous but thank you! :)

basedaloe asked:

Your photos are phenomenal, I couldn't help but follow! Keep doin what you're doin:)

awww, thank you very much for this message! :)